Westcote Bell Pottery and Studios
Vaughan L Smith and Jacqueline M Cohen

3447 Hwy 331, PO Box 68, LaHave, Nova Scotia,
B0R 1C0, Canada, 902 693 2042.

House Vaughan L Smith Jacqueline M Cohen Studio
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Seascape Mural Tiles.
The tiles below are 12" square made out of iron bearing clays that give the colors a depth and intensity. They are painted with underglazes and coated with a clear glaze to make them washable and durable. We have installed them in bathrooms, kitchens, on walls and in floors. We also created a tile mural on the exterior of a house on the New Jersey shore.They are all one of a kind. The tiles can stand alone or be mounted as a mural to any size. We also make a tile frame to mount around the tile.
The 12 inch tile is $125
The four tile murals in a maple wood frame 30" sq are $450.
The images can also be painted with pastoral farmland scenes, or mountain vistas with wild animals.

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Seascape pottery
Seascape potterypage 2
Hand painted tiles.
Flower tiles
Landscape tiles
Seascape mural
Image 1
Seascape Mural
Seascape Mural
Seascape Mural
Seascape Mural
Seascape Tile in a Frame
Ceramic frame sample
Seascape Mural
Seascape Mural
Seascape Mural
Seascape Mural

These murals are made from 12 inch tiles,
(see left and right). The one above is 12"x 16" tiles. A mural can be any size total, and can be made up from any size tile. Customers can send in photo's of specific Lighthouses, beach houses, boats and figures playing on the beach.
The five murals shown here are currently available in maple wood frames. Price $450.

Seascape Mural


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