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Trophies and Prizes for Shows

Our pieces have been used for the Sandia Classic in New Mexico, the Tulsa Classic in Oklahoma, the Texas Hunter Jumper Association, Lendons Youth Dressage, the Australian Cattle Dog Show in MD, Jack Russel Terrier Association, Norwich Terrier Association.

We welcome commissions for show prizes.


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Jack russell terriers

Small plate, 8inch $35

Jack Russell Terriers

Small soup bowl, $24

6 inch tile, $16


18 inch platter, $195

16 inch platter, $150.

14 inch platter, $110.

12 inch platter, $85


4 inch tile $16, 6 inch tile $29, 8 inch plate $39,

8 inch bowl $49, Coffee mugs $32.


Platter or Mirror, priced as above.


12 inch plate, $85.

16 inch platter, $150.

18 inch platter, $195.


These trophies were for a Pug show in New York.

Mug & sm.bowl $32, Med bowl $49, lg. bowl $69, Plate $69.


These pieces are examples from the Australian Cattle Dog Association 2008.



Mugs & bowls $24, sm.plate $29,

Large bowl $69




horse catalogue


Studio colors are our basic range. These are colors made in the studio and form our basic palette. Thes colors are not subject to any surcharge.

We have made trophies for horse and dog shows for 7 years. We can custom make the pieces from images that you send us. The background color can be made to order or you can pick from our range of 8 colors. Please click these links to see the color range.

colorsCommercial underglaze colors are subject to a surcharge due to their expence.



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