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Ceramic Teapot Sculpture. Sold

Ht 16"

The sculptural pieces here were made during February 2009 when the snow around the studio was 2 feet deep. Memories of warm summer days were fading and the need for a summer experience was strong. I enjoyed working on these pieces which evolved out of memories from my early childhood experiences in England, along with trips to Maine and Long Island Sound.

The pieces are made from a porcelain blend. The form is thrown on a potters wheel and then slabs of clay are carved and shaped, attaching them with slips. The painting was done with underglazes which were applied with paintbrushes, sponges and air brushes.

All of the sculptures include 3 separate pieces, a pedestal base, the body form and the sculpted lid. The firing temperature is 2200F in a gas kiln, the glaze is a gloss clear which is lead free.


Ceramic Urn

Ht. 18".Sold



Ceramic Teapot Sculpture Ht. 15".Sold (coming again soon)
I made these teapots with two different bodies, one blue as the ocean and one green as the land. You can choose which way you would like it.



Ceramic Sculpture

Ht 19".Sold

Teapot Sculpture

Teapot Sculpture. Ht.15".Sold


Ceramic Sculpture

Ht. 14".Sold

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