Westcote Bell Pottery and Studios
Vaughan L Smith and Jacqueline M Cohen

3447 Hwy 331, PO Box 68, LaHave, Nova Scotia,
B0R 1C0, Canada, 902 693 2042.

Stage 3 studio renovation involved completing the installation of all the doors and windows, insulating the walls with R20 fiberglass, covering the insulation with a vapor barrier of polythene and framing the inner walls. The vapor barrier guarantees to keep out any drafts by using acoustic caulk to seal the plastic sheet to the studs. This is done to the floor joints and the ceiling joints. The clap board siding was replaced on the south side which is subjected to the full force of the Atlantic storms. Typar/ Tyvec sheeting was stapled to the inner walls which will allow the walls to breath while keeping moisture out. The siding elsewhere had to be re-nailed using galvanized nails, the old nails were rusted out. The old barn wood is being kept to add charm to the exterior features, as shown on the front door. The inspection passed and we are now at the sheet rocking stage.

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Stage 4 renovation


Using some of the old barn wood to add a special touch to the front door.


The fiberglass insulation on the lower floor.


After the fiberglass insulation, R20, is installed a plastic sheet is used to cover it, known as a vapor barrier. The heating system is also shown.


The upper floor with insulation and vapor barrier.


The new windows and doors on the South side.


The new windows and doors on the North side.



Before and after comparison.



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