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New work for 2013
Teapot Sculptures
Hand painted pottery
Black and white carvings
Nova Scotia mist pottery
Hand painted tiles
lahave bakery While you are browsing through our new work in this website, consider how wonderful it would be to visit us in person. You could then have lunch in this 150 year old building that sits right on the water, now occupied by the "LaHave Bakery". This must see attraction is only a moments walk from our studio, well worth it just for the Butter Tarts, a Canadian favorite.

Westcote Bell Pottery
PO Box 68, LaHave, Nova Scotia, B0R1C0, CA.
902 693 2042
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The pieces below are made from stoneware clays and fired in gas and electric kilns. The glazing is done using multiple layers and waxing in beteween them. The was resists the second and third glazing layers creating unique and unexpected results. Each piece is a one of a kind and cannot be reproduced. To order one of these pieces, please call or email us.
wax resist
11" (27cms)bowl
wax tray
13"x11"(32x27cms) tray
11"(27cms) bowl

wax tray
Serving Tray
wax tray
Serving tray
tray platter
tray tray tray
bowl tray tray
plate plate plate
plate bird bowl bird bowl